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  Passive Fire Protection Systems
Passive fire protection systems plays a very important role in insulating building structures to prevent the building from collapsing when subjected to the adverse effects of fire. Such protection allows sufficient time for the occupants to escape, and/or for the fire-fighting services to safely enter and remain in the building to contain and extinguish the fire. As a leading brand of fireproofing manufacturer in the United States for over 100 years, Isolatek International provides the full range of passive fire protection systems to cater for the requirement of both commercial and hydrocarbon grade fires.

Fast, Efficient, Cost effective & Light Weight
ISOLATEK TYPE II is a cement based “dry mix” spray-applied fire protection material for structural elements in commercial construction. It is a very fast and cost effective method of providing fire protection to concealed steelworks with extensive track record in Malaysia and throughout the world.

ISOLATEK TYPE 300 is a cementitious vermiculite “wet mix” spray-applied fire protection material for structural elements in commercial construction.

For Higher Abrasion Resistance & Hardness
ISOLATEK TYPE M-II is a single package, factory-controlled Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) based on vermiculite and portland cement. It is specifically developed for spray-application to structural columns and beams in both exterior and interior environments where higher levels of abrasion resistance and hardness are necessary.

ISOLATEK TYPE TG has been developed for trowel application. This product can be used for protection against either commercial or hydrocarbon grade fires with the appropriate application thicknesses. This product can be trowelled smooth for a neat and tidy finish.

Ideal For Steel Works Exposed To View
Structural steel construction allows the architect to be creative with modern and futuristic designs. In many of these designs, the structural steel are designed to be exposed to view and to highlight the features of the building. As a result, it demands a special fire protection system which allows the shape and design of the steelworks to be exposed without adversely affecting the aesthetics of the building and at the same time protects the steel in the event of fire.

ISOLATEK TYPE WB3, the thin film intumescent coating, is specifically designed with this objective in mind. The thim film intumescent coating allows it to be applied like a paint and achieve the desired aesthetic of the steel. To top it off, the topcoat is available in a wide range of colours to suit the architect’s selection. The standard intumescent coating system consists of three layers and can be seen as per the adjacent illustration.

The epoxy intumescent fire protection material is used for the hydrocarbon grade fire. It is suitable for use in harsh environments such as petrochemical plants, onshore and offshore oil & gas installation. It is light weight and has low film thickness.

  Fire Rated Ductwork Coatings
The Building Regulations require that new buildings must be divided into fire compartments in order that the spread of fire in the building be inhibited, from one compartment to another. There are three methods of fire protection related to ductwork laid in the UK standard BS 5588 Part 9, which is fire dampers, builders work shaft, and fire rated ductwork systems. Fire rated ductwork system is used when the use of the other two methods is not allowed and/or not possible.

FLAMEBAR BW11 is a coating that is sprayed onto the galvanized steel ductwork manufactured to the HVCA or SMACNA standard. FLAMEBAR BW11 is a specially formulated water based ablative coating which contains mineral fillers in elastomeric binder, and it is sprayed to a thickness of approximately 0.7mm to a finished product. FLAMEBAR BW11 ductwork has been successfully tested for Stability, Integrity, and Insulation in accordance to BS 476 Part 24 and ISO 6944 for both type A (outside) and type B (inside) fires for up to 4 hours.

Resinous Flooring Systems
The need to protect bare concrete floors is recognised in many warehousing, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and service industries. In recent times, carpark flooring systems have become more popular to enhance the appearance, cleanliness as well as the long term performance of the floor. Due to the unique requirements of each floor surface, Rushoe carries a wide range of resinous flooring systems such as the epoxies, polyurethanes, methyl metacrylates ( MMA ) and other polymer systems to fulfill the varied needs of the industries and it's exposure conditions.

There are hundreds of resinous flooring systems available, but they are generally categorized in the following types: -

• Heavy duty resinous flooring systems
• Medium duty resinous flooring systems
• Light Duty resinous flooring systems
• Special functions resinous flooring systems
• Decorative resinous flooring systems
P.U. Flooring Systems
In line with the strict HACCP requirements of the food industry, the P.U. flooring system provides a durable and hygienic finish to the floor of your facilities.

The P.U. system have also been developed for indoor carpark flooring and floors which are exposed to u.v. attack. It's long lasting colour stability makes it the choice of many.

High Friction Surfacing System
Safetrack® HW from Stirling Lloyd UK, is specially designed to be applied over asphalt and concrete surfaces of highways, roadways and heavy-traffic routes for improved performance and extended life. Its performance is recognized by HAPAS, classified as Type 1 with a service life of 5 to 10 years, and it has excellent resistance to diesel and petrol. This product is based on Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) resin which cures rapidly to achieve full strength of chemical and physical properties to provide a tough finishing.

Safetrack® SC is ideal in providing attractive colors to highlight and enhance specific locations within a facility. It is diesel and petrol resistant and therefore protects the concretes, prevents seepage of petrol and diesel spillages into the substrates and prevent ground contaminations.

Architectural Wall Coatings
In Rushoe, we have an extensive range of wall coatings for aesthetics as well as functional purposes. The coating systems in our range can provide the prestige to your building and extend the life of the wall coating in comparison to other ordinary paints. With our extensive track record throughout the country, we offer a team of experienced applicators to ensure that you get optimum performance from the painting or repainting works to your esteemed buildings.

A revolutionary breakthrough in coating technology, CATHAY MULTICOLOR STONEFACE is the best choice in delivering exuberance of colors, depth and textures to your architecture surfaces. It is a state-of-the-art architectural coating incorporating fluorocarbon technology for improved and lasting performance.

• Excellent weathering performance with ten (10) years warranty
• Green product with non-toxic and low VOC
• Single-spray application with all-colors-in-one-component formulation for consistency
• Excellent resemblance to your natural stones
• Rounded textures for less dirt retention and better maintenance
• Excellent adhesion and flexible, also available in elastomeric type to overcome/resolve hairline
  cracks issue
• Suitable for interior, exterior, and refurbishment projects

is a water-based hybrid silane coating manufactured based on
micro- polymeric dispersion technology. This highly breathable coating system allows moisture trapped within the substrates to breathe out without damaging the coating, while protecting the substrates from penetration of rain water. Besides providing excellent weathering performance, this coating system has outstanding performance against fungus and algae growth as the contents of this coating do not provide any nutrients for the penetrative growth of algae and fungus. This coating system is an excellent choice for either new or refurbishment projects with the following benefits: -

• Highly breathable thus allowing moisture and efflorescence salt within the substrates to dry out
   without affecting the desired aesthetic equilibrium
• Can be applied on damp substrates
• Green label certified
• Excellent weathering performance
• Excellent fungus and algae growth resistance
• Tensio-active behavior which minimizes water take up for better resistance & durability
• Cost-effective alternative to conventional painting and mineral silicate painting systems
• Wide choice of color selection


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